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Zeppelin Song Sources
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Moon Cat
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Re: Zeppelin Song Sources
Nov 19, 2007, 18:49
Oh well, whatever.

It's just your lists and arguments just come over as a peculiarly passionless and overly analytical dissection of music that, for me at least, provokes deep, emotional responses. If it works for you, fine.

Not all of us are 'lucky' enough to be of an age to have heard most of the groups you mention first time round so how Zeppelin were regarded in comparison to their contemporaries is maybe diverting but not something that I'd be bothered about when listening to the records. And "I was there" one-upmanship has never really affected how I listen to any band, although peoples recollections are interesting.

Bottom line is, on a personal level, I think Zep are better than a lot of the bands you have mentioned and, as a musical entity, transcended their influences to the point of ecstacy.

Watching the DVD collection of their live performances is proof enough to my eyes that, regardless of their business practices - which by the way I'd wager was more to do with the management side of things than the individual members of the band - they were simply a great, great thing. Record sales or the apparent later 'deification' of them doesn't denigrate my appreciation or enjoyment of them one iota.

And, lets face it, of course there's 'zep thing in the air' at the moment, but I still think their recognition often comes in blips and spurts rather than say the blanket adulation acts like The Beatles and Stones enjoy so I'm glad that Zep are having a bit of a 'moment' again.

So in conclusion. So?

ps 'Simplifying' rock isn't really a problem for me ;^)

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