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Zeppelin Song Sources
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Edited Nov 19, 2007, 18:32
Re: Zeppelin Song Sources
Nov 19, 2007, 18:30
I don't know many 13 year olds who knew who Tommy Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, etc were. I am sure there are exceptions, but not the rule.

Generally with regards to blues tunes Zep didn't even change the key they outright took the songs, sometimes changed a title or, a turnaround or a couplet. These tunes were pretty obscure in the 60's, early 70's. Reissues were not readily available, the first reissue technically is 1966 Robert Johnson King Of the Delta Vol1: Vol2 followed in 1970.

So you really had to hunt these 78's down. John Fahey made his living hunting and selling these through 50-60's

British blues boom was primarily based on 50's Chicago electric blues(Chess, Cobra, etc), which made them more readily available, thus not as obscure.

Back in the day Bukka White, Blind Willie, John Estes were hard to find.
To this day originals are hard to find, big bucks.

Regarding Page's innovations I put him right up there with Hendrix and Townshend with realizing the record/lp was a sonic statement. They realize the record was a listening experience, different than the live experience. Thus they crafted albums that were not mere collections of singles/songs.

People forget at onetime Zep were an upstart band not given a lot of respect in the wake of Hendrix, Cream, MC5, Who, Jeff Beck, etc

Purple, Sabbath, Zep, Mountain, Cactus, Grand Funk were seen as bands simplifying rock. Calicifying it into power chords. I have friends, old heads, who grew up with Hendrix, Cream, Stones, Yardbirds, Who, etc that really don't care for Zep. They remember the change Zep heralded,, they were 18- 20 onward.

These charges have plagued Zep since the beginning like no other band. They have lost numerous lawsuits.

Allman Brothers, Cream, Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Yardbirds had no problem crediting sources why is Zep exempt? Cream's cover of "I am so Glad" paid for Skip James' funeral.

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