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Zeppelin Song Sources
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Moon Cat
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Edited Nov 19, 2007, 17:53
Re: Zeppelin Song Sources
Nov 19, 2007, 17:49
zphage wrote:

Aura surrounding Zep was huge "Beatlesesque". Fans figured they were geniuses pulling each album from the air with no musical antecedents, not that they were better and wider listeners than their 13-18yr old audience.

Actually it could be argued that as Zep appropriated less they became less interesting.

Fleetwood Mac "Oh Well" riff used for Black Dog

I think you slightly underestimate the musical knowledge of the Zep audience, whom you also seem to slightly patronise, and also the fact that Zep themselves regularly spoke of their influences - they still do in fact - in an effort to turn fans onto some great music.

The Fleetwood Mac thing is pretty off target by the way and I think says more about your apparent desire to accuse Zep of plagiarism than it does about their thievery. And while you seem to relish the notion of Zep simply nicking or rehashing ideas, you make very little of Jimmy Page's genuine innovations as a writer and producer, and of the whole bands' genuine talent, which I feel seems, possibly even to the most anti-zep person, somewhat disengenuous at best.

Still, whatever foats yer boat.

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