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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: putting the record, ahem, straight (pt1)
Sep 19, 2003, 23:24
Sorry if I have offended you. As you put it, I too thought we were "discussing issues as adults."

I am not "attacking" you, so you don't need to "defend yourself" from me.

And the point is I don't think Ice Cube or these "rappers (in general)" you keep refering to are attacking you either. They are probably less of a threat to you than someone like the pope, who is taken a lot more seriously by a lot more people with his "homophobic views."

And I totally agree % of population in whatever "minority" is irrelevant. My point about mysogyny was just that IS a real valid complaint about rap, because it is a major issue "in rap" -- something a LOT of rappers talk about a LOT of the time. "Gays" are not a major topic "in rap music." I am not trying to say it is a minor and irrelevant issue "in general" I'm saying it's a minor issue "in rap music." There are movies and TV shows that have "homophobic moments" . . . that doesn't mean TV or movies are "homophobic in general."

And as with any "discourse" there are multiple points of view within "rap" on any issue.

For instance: http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/Relationships/gay_macho030619.html

The ONLY thing I'm disagreeing with you on is viewing rap through a lens that distorts the "homophobia" quotient. Muslims are generally pretty "homophobic" (Ice Cube is not alone in this) . . . but certainly not all of them are . . . is it fair to paint everybody with the same brush? Do you raise the "homophobe issue" every time Islam or Catholicism comes up? I don't know you, so maybe you do.

Bottom line: I'm not agreeing with or excusing any "homophobic messenge", not at all. I just wish you'd be a little more specific when your "defending yourself from the messenger." Which homophobe is the problem? Because "rappers" are not all the same.

I suspect a lot of the "argument" may have to do with differences in our taste in music.
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