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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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Re: putting the record, ahem, straight (pt1)
Sep 18, 2003, 11:49
"So why ARE we on this side issue of "gays and rap"?"

Because someone bought it up and we're discussing it like adults, I thought.

"It seems to me "sex" and "race" are the key issues in rap music. I think you and everyone else harping on the "gay thing" are injecting your own agendas."

You might think that, but to me it's not a 'side issue', it's very important. And if by 'injecting your own agendas' you mean having an opinion on the issue I'll happily admit to that.

"I guess maybe it boils down to whose ox is getting gored -- we all have knee-jerk reactions to certain issues. Some people compulsively defend or attack some groups vs. others."

Well, excuse me for sticking up for myself. You really don't have a clue what it's like do you?
Being a gay man OF COURSE I'm going to defend myself. It's obvious people like you won't bother. What do you expect me to do? Just think 'Oh, it's not that big an issue. I can't be bothered if rappers carry on with their homophobia.' Be real.
Like I said previously you obviously think this is an irrelevant issue. But you're not gay so you haven't got a clue what it feels like to be attacked this way (I did try to expain how it feels earlier). The percentage of gay people in the population has got NOTHING to do with whether it's a issue worthy of discussion or not.
I would talk about mysogyny in rap if I was a woman and felt more qualfied to discuss it. However, as a gay man obviously I feel much more qualified to dicuss homophobia in rap.
Your logic seems to be that the smaller the minority the less point there is discussing hatred aimed at that minority. That's very warped logic.

And I think it's disgraceful of you to just brush aside what I and others have said as 'harping on the gay thing' (by 'the gay thing' I assume you mean the hatred aimed at gay people) or a 'knee-jerk reaction'. Either be part of the discussion or don't, but stop just coming back by saying we're 'harping' on the issue. You're only barely disguising your contempt for those of us willing to stand up for what we believe is right. I just wish you could show a bit more empathy.
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