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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: putting the record, ahem, straight (pt1)
Sep 17, 2003, 18:34
Sorry if I pissed you off, but please relax -- I admit I am not paying much attention to exactly who is saying what here. In some sense I'm just playing devil's advocate to everyone who keeps harping about gay-bash rap. Defending rappers is one of my personal agendas, this is true.

Your comment about "why don't we talk about misogyny" was kind of interesting. Because that's something a lot more rappers are a lot more guilty of -- Ice Cube et al -- they certainly talk about "bitches" a lot more often than anything "gay", and the target is 50% of the population not 3%. So why ARE we on this side issue of "gays and rap"? It seems to me "sex" and "race" are the key issues in rap music. I think you and everyone else harping on the "gay thing" are injecting your own agendas.

I guess maybe it boils down to whose ox is getting gored -- we all have knee-jerk reactions to certain issues. Some people compulsively defend or attack some groups vs. others.

At any rate it's a discussion about issues in music, nothing personal is intended on my end. If we didn't forcefully argue our points it wouldn't be much of a discussion, would it?
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