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Your best recent finds
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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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Your best recent finds
Sep 04, 2003, 11:50
Despite having some fun with it all I think Moon Cat's right. All the 'worst of the guilty rubbish hate your favourite crap bah' threads need a bit of a counterweight. As I'm feeling a bit hungry for new thrills at the moment I was wondering what you funksters would recommend of recent-ish releases that might turn my ears on.

As for me I'll happily recommend...

Four Tet - Rounds
Very nice rougn-n-ready electronica with a nice balance of experiMentalism and humabilty. Not revolutionary but some of the best, organic feeling digitalia I've heard in some time.

The Mars Volta - Deloused In The Comatorium
These lot are to prog what The Darkness are to cock-rock. This album treads a fine line between total piss-take and very worthy homage to a much maligned genre. Personally this took a few listens to really stick in my mind, but now it's wormed its way into my brain with it's noodlings and riffings I'm hooked. Not for everyone maybe but if you like your Crimsons you should slot this in your tray.

Coil - Live 4
I picked this up cheapo second-hand and wasn't expecting much. Most live albums leave me cold and an electronica one I thought would probably be even more pointless. WRONG! This is a stunning set with loads of variety from ear-crunching buzzing and whirrings to great re-workings of Ostia from Horse Rotorvator and Amethyst Deceivers. John Balance is in fierce voice throughout and as he announces the final track 'An Unarthly Red' with "Now it's going to get messy... I hope" you can sense the crowd losing it to the head-on rush of beats, electronics and schizophrenic shouting. Rave for Viennese mutants.
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