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The Day before Tomorrow
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Re: The Day before Tomorrow
Jun 07, 2017, 20:03
You're the one who posted the link that referred to her tearing it up, but you're quite right, I used that terminology in my reply.

Can you tell me which particular part of the Human Rights Act currently stops our police and security services from apprehending terrorists or preventing attacks?

Be interested to know which particular human right you think is stopping that. Which ones from the list I posted are dispensable "where necessary" do you think?

Here it is again, so you can point out the ones that stop the police from arresting terror suspects or preventing attacks?

What are your Human Rights?

• The right to life
• The right to be free from torture and treatment of a degrading nature
• To be free from slavery and labour that is forced and not of free will
• The right to freedom and liberty
• The right to have a fair trial in the event of criminal accusation
• That if you do something that later becomes deemed a crime, that you will not be punished if it is criminalised after the event
• The right to have your private and family life respected
• The right to free thought, conscience and religion and the right to freely express your personal beliefs
• Freedom of expression
• The right of freedom of assembly and association
• The right to get married and to start a family if you wish
• The right not to be discriminated against in regards to any of these rights or freedoms
• The right to enjoy your property in peace
• The right to be educated
• The right to vote (participate in free elections)
• The right not to be sentenced to death (freedom from the death penalty)

Is it the right to a fair trial? The right not to be tortured? Go ahead, which ones are inessential?
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