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The Day before Tomorrow
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Re: The Day before Tomorrow
Jun 08, 2017, 14:25
thesweetcheat wrote:
Or, the "If you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to fear" argument that has been used for decades by right wing regimes as they remove basic human rights from their citizens.

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Hmmm... something of a generalization, tsc, if I may say so. Perhaps a lot of how we function as a society rests on what that society has created over centuries. I might be generalizing myself here by saying that ‘newer’ societies, governed by ‘less democratic’ politics, might be more inclined to not only remove basic human rights but to not implement them in the first place! I really can’t see Western democracies allowing basic human rights to be ‘removed’ but people in those Western democracies might approve of a degree of greater control over their day-to-day lives if that means they are safer as a result.

As a foreign national living abroad I had to carry an Alien Registration card at all times (a card with both my photo and fingerprints on it). Once, when I forgot to carry it, I was stopped by a policeman and spent the next four or five hours in a police station while he checked out (phone calls etc) that I was who I said I was. A little inconvenient, and it happened once once. The rest of the time I was free to move round the country as if I was a national of that country.

Personally I see no reason why we shouldn’t all carry ID cards (or passports). We do, after all, often need to show proof of identity so if this level of ID security would help keep us safer (and weed out those who have no legal basis for being here) then so be it.
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