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The Day before Tomorrow
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Re: The Day before Tomorrow
Jun 07, 2017, 13:56
dhajjieboy wrote:
@ Sanctuary and Littlestone....
I think you 2 have taken a brave stance to actually admit on this site your particular choices and more than that, to make a good case for yourselves....i don't know that i completely agree myself, but i at least can find it within myself to respect your choices.
Particularly when i know that any line of thought that drifts away from the script around here WILL subject you to the wolfpack mentality...
I could already compile a 'best of HH gobshites' from just the last week...
But i kinda do revel a bit knowing how easy it is to get quite a few 'heads' around here to show the 'best they got'....
I scoff at it.
If it means anything...i find that both of you come across as moderate thinkers with best solutions for individual problems..that is my politics in a nutshell too...

Anyhow....honest discourse here has become a very rare commodity...
Wolf-pack mentality and gang-fuckery rule the day....
I think all the people that have only posted their get a boot in responses are the real 'LEFT' these days...
Not too much chance with that mandate i'm afraid...
I'd know....my country is living with the direct and proportional response to what the 'LEFT' has become.

Anyhow....it is about everyone 'working together' as Sanctuary has said before....
The finger pointers, snide poseurs, and mountebanks will just have to wait.
Best of luck with your election and i hope its fair and un-contested.


Thanks dhajj...keep ducking the flak!!
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