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The Day before Tomorrow
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Re: The Day before Tomorrow
Jun 07, 2017, 15:35
Sanctuary wrote:
It may be that the poor lady is suffering from stress LS and could be on the verge of a breakdown. I'm sure you'll agree that nobody would want to see that happen but does rather put her future in doubt if that should be the case. I wish her well.
Mrs May gets my vote as well as I've mentioned before - but with the Brexit negotiations in mind-nothing else!

Could be that she (Abbott) is suffering stress Mr S (and on the verge of a breakdown) and no-one would wish her unwell on that score. But as I said, this ‘non-appearance’ seems to be something of a reoccurring theme.

Remember four months ago, 1 February, Abbott failed to cast her vote over the Brexit Bill debate claiming she had a migraine (though she was posting Twitter messages at both 5:42pm and 6:02pm on the same evening).

John Mann, a Labour MP, said her failure to vote was "outrageous" given that at least four "very, very, ill" MPs made an appearance in the House of Commons. Mr Mann told the Press Association that Ms Abbott "should apologise to the party for her actions and resign". Speaking to the BBC, he added: "She gave herself a sick note at 5pm, she bottled the vote, it's cowardice. Hiding away from big votes is not the way we should be doing things." (Source The Telegraph of 2 February).

On the 18 February (source The Independent), “Media reports suggested Mr Corbin [sic] had lost patience with Ms Abbott after her missed vote and warned his friend he might sack her from the shadow cabinet if she voted against him.”

I’m still puzzled over Corbyn’s last-minute decision to take part in the live leaders’ debate on BBC instead of Abbott. Was that also due to her being unwell or was she even then being shown the door.

Politics and politicians! With a few notable exceptions, in all the parties, they’re a bunch of backstabbing, self-serving black-hat reprobates who wreck our country for a few years before handing the mess over to another lot to finish the job.

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