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The first unspinnable Brexit effect
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Re: The first unspinnable Brexit effect
Apr 02, 2017, 16:52
sanshee wrote:
Any delay to EU negotiations was in part brought about by an unnecessary court case, something remain voters welcomed remember.

Hahaha, classic, leavers always trying to find someone else to blame for everything. And it was a court case that was all about Parliament being sovereign, not the government or the PM. I thought you leavers were all about "taking back control" for our Parliament?

Oh I'm well aware we haven't left yet. But I still haven't heard anyone - at all - on the leave side explain just what the benefits that we can all expect are, or what laws the EU was preventing us from passing already.

Except the "humiliation" of not being able to have a blue passport of course. But now that's sorted it will help create jobs in the Rhondda and Sunderland I'm sure, once we've paid the half a billion quid it will cost us.

I'm cheering for the promised sunlit uplands, believe me, I'm making a flag* to wave on the glorious day when we all escape the iniquitous yoke of the evil EU and are free to revel in our new found prosperity while paying £11 6s and thruppence ha-penny for a pound of good old bendy British bananas. I'm busy "getting over it", just waiting for the bounty and good times to come, as promised, along with the money for the NHS.

*Probably a St George's cross, I think the union jack will be quite passé by then.
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