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The first unspinnable Brexit effect
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Edited Apr 02, 2017, 13:46
Re: The first unspinnable Brexit effect
Apr 02, 2017, 13:35
thesweetcheat wrote:

When the saltire flies in Scotland it's unacceptable nationalism. When the union jack flies in Gibraltar it's a symbol of patriotism and nationhood. Go figure.

The people of Gibraltar voted 96% remain, yet that doesn't count, whereas the 52% who voted leave have an unassailable position to be the voice of "the people". I get that they also voted 99% to stay part of Britain, but which vote counts? Both? Neither?

Still looking forward to all those positive benefits of leaving the EU to be unveiled sanshee. Although at least we only have to pay half a billion quid to put a new jacket on our passports.

Go figure what?

I said I am no fan of flags and I mean that.

I have not truck with the psychology of Gibraltarians and I have no desire what so ever to even visit the place, I am just stating their position.

Did you bother to look at the video clip?

Here it is again.


Check the words of the bloke in charge, and he is not as far as I can tell getting any resistance from his own people.

As far as Gibraltar goes being British is more important to them than
being in the EU.

You are shooting the messenger I'm afraid.

Any delay to EU negotiations was in part brought about by an unnecessary court case, something remain voters welcomed remember.

So if you want to see positive benefits you have to let the thing 'happen'.

EDIT: Amusingly enough, your mention of 'the saltire' takes me back to my childhood days, when we all saw that as the more middle class stuffy thing and the rampant lion was more yer working class symbolism.

Not that we waved flags much anyway, only gala days and silly sporting events.

Your conflation of what's going on in Scotland with the Gibraltar issue is a bit wrong footed.

Even though some Spanish minster is taking a wild stab at it too.
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