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The first unspinnable Brexit effect
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Re: The first unspinnable Brexit effect
Apr 02, 2017, 18:53
I have supported Corbyn and his ideas (and still do), although he is failing at putting those ideas across to the electorate and is unlikely to change that any time soon. Labour have already lost Scotland, it looks increasingly as though they will lose many of their seats in England and Wales too.

May had the opportunity to put the issue of EU citizens living here beyond doubt before triggering article 50, but chose not to. Tusk has taken the initiative from her, proving himself and the EU to be rather more concerned about the fate of human beings than she and her colleagues are. But I'm sure you're quite right to place your trust in May, Davies, Fox and Johnson to do the right thing by everyone in this country (including Northern Ireland obviously).

I would be delighted to be proved wrong about Brexit, but seeing as no-one from leave has yet articulated a single benefit or shown how we will be better off outside the EU I'm not holding my breath. So far they seem to only be bothered about threatening to send the navy to "cripple" Spain (one of our allies, last time I looked) and banging on about how much better blue passports were. And backtracking on every single statement they made in the run up to the referendum.

No doubt in the coming weeks and years the leave camp will be setting out in detail how we're all going to be better off. I look forward to it.

But here are some things that the EU has confirmed already:

*There will be no discussion on trade deals until "sufficient progress" has been made on withdrawal and how much the UK will pay
*There will be no avoiding the issue of the border in Ireland
*There will be no special sector-specific deals for UK car manufacturing or financial services, whose largest market is the EU

It's all about details and facts. Something that leave so far had failed to produce any of. Your friends had better sharpen up fast if we're going to see the promised good times.
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