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BNP in Blackburn
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Re: Kiss and make up folks
Nov 25, 2002, 11:36
I'm with Jim on this, YAIP.

I too suspect we'd have a great deal to discuss if we met, but I can't deal with a lot of your postings.

Just because we're using the net does not mean we have the right to be any more insulting and abusive than we would be if we were sat at the same table.

I actually wrote a reply to your response to my post on the oil thing. But I didn't post it because I realised that I'd already made the same points twice in plain english and I'd just be repeating myself. Your avoidance of the questions and points I raised was so complete that it had to be wilful, so I felt there was no point in trying to discuss it any more.

Your use of meaningless and infantile insults to assorted posters on this site doesn't make anybody any more likely to agree with anything you say - quite the opposite.

Youm should treat people here with the same respect that you'd treat them if you were in the same rom, the same respect you'd want to be treated with.

Not only is it kinder and less bullying, it actually makes them listen to you more.
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