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Yes, it's important this time
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Edited May 03, 2012, 13:57
Yes, it's important this time
May 03, 2012, 13:42
I voted in the local council elections.
Whoopeedodoo, shades of shite and all that, means nowt. Yes.
But this time a 'protest vote' that means something. We need to quell the poisonous toad that is Salmond. Anything that allows him to make any 'inroads' has to be nipped right away.
I don't want the UK to break up, I have no dislike of English people at all, but he does. It's racist, and we don't like people like that here, do we? Do we? As it is, it takes me less time to get to Newcastle than it does many parts of Scotland.
Oh and then there's this.
I listen to R4 quite a bit, I've even got Vine on right now, and I enjoy the odd BBC4 doc, they tend to be splendid, at times. The alternative? Whatever they decide 'we've' to watch and a slew of programmes about 'Scotland?' Wha? It's fucking creepy.
I know some disagree completely, but I wonder if they've seen beyond the sweetener of council tax freezes and free prescriptions for ALL, regardless of wealth (a fucking disgrace actually). Unsustainable, and of course all funded by all this oil that's going to go on forever. Yes, all politicians are the same, and these elections are piddly small fry stuff, but I wish I had the luxury to be bored enough not to care.
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