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Yes, it's important this time
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John Rice
John Rice
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Re: Yes, it's important this time
May 08, 2012, 21:36
sanshee wrote:
Eh, we've voted Labour for years up here. That went tits up of course, then the backlash. But it's all very recent, don't think otherwise. You'd be wrong.

Not sure what you're suggesting I am, or would be, wrong about. I never suggested that Scotland was inherently left wing, just that they never voted tory. In 1955 the tories won 50% of Scottish seats. Since then the trend has been resolutely downwards (1964 was the last time they secured even a third of Scottish seats). Not sure I'd call that a "very recent" development.

Anyway, as I've already said, I have no truck with nationalists. I just think that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Scottish people exercising their legal right to vote on the issue (a right that has already been implicitly endorsed by Welsh and English voters when they voted overwhelmingly for a Labour manifesto that promised devolution and the right to a referendum). And were I Scottish, I would vote in favour of independence for the reasons I've already stated. That's all.
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