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Drifting away from Cope and trying to get back
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Drifting away from Cope and trying to get back
Jan 18, 2020, 17:28
When interpreter came out (and prior to that), I cared about little else other than Mr. Cope. But, ever since then, I've tried to stay loyal and worked at being as engaged in his music as I once was. Sadly, I have never regained that enthusiasm. I have bought most of his releases over the years to try and keep up the momentum but I worry that I've lost the plot a little here. I just ordered Skellington 3, John Balance Enters Valhalla, and Self Civil War to try and rekindle my love and passion for his work. I hope I can do so. Is there anyone else here who has had this crisis of faith? If so, any suggestions for finding the groove again? I feel like I'm losing my Copey mojo and it makes me sad.

When I think about it, my interest started to wane when audience with the Cope 2000 came out and never really reached the previous heights. I worked at it though, buying release after release; Braindonor too. I wonder if if was the loss of Thighpaulsandra or just that he created Peggy Suicide, Jehovakill, and Autogeddon and no artist could top that - maybe I'm struggling with expectations of my own and a phase that I loved that cannot be revisited (and possibly shouldn't be).

The releases I didn't buy were the black sheep ones (except for Christophe's solo cd), Dark Orgasm, Psychedelic Revolution, Unruly Imagination, and Drunken Songs. Citizen Cain'd, You Gotta Problem, and Revolutionary Suicide all have wonderful moments but as far as albums as a whole go, I'm just not feeling it. The last one that really grabbed me was Barrowlands, but that's just a live gig from the era I love the most. Oh, and I love the Dope releases, and the Vesuvio with Stephen O'Malley. But that is a very different kettle of fish.

Maybe it's just me. I don't really get Blade Runner either. Thanks for listening. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.
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