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What are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?
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Edited Jan 29, 2017, 15:27
Re: What are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?
Jan 29, 2017, 15:20
Traffic - Shootout In The Fantasy Factory ...a totally coincidental choice in the context of a brutally constructive post I felt someone had to make in the war zone over the way. Ah well, at least I tried, with best and common good intent.....if anyone wants to see the only time in many years that s*****r, the bloke that doesn't exist half lost his rag, it's there.. if the Eds haven't wiped. The twisted forum wrecking twat got what he had coming. It's bounced off, I hear. Perhaps that's because I held back considerably, I promise, despite what may appear otherwise. Totally, irrevocably, unrepentant. Anyhooo.. deep breath, back to normal.... and nice people with receptive ears and a forgiveness for the involuntary lack of paragraphs. This beauty - now playing: the gorgeous Evening Blue - is included in a new box of the first five Traffic albums I scored when out shopping for music therapy straight after, called, shock, Traffic : 5 Classic Albums.. in it, Mr Fantasy, s/t, John Barleycorn Must Die, The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys and the aforementioned album. Cost: £11-99 from a p r o p e r shop. One common denominator: they are, and sound brilliant. Like the John Martyn - May You Never :The Essential that I trilled about here recently. Packaging cp that is crap, no extras....BUT, oh, WHAT music regardless. I have them on vinyl, but have had no gear for twelve years. So, veering towards another recent topic, my first listen in that time. I keep on meaning to do a SOOL, and d o listen to things, wonderful things, but never seem to get round to it at the mo. Things. So, at least for the record, this week/end I shall be mainly listening to Traffic. Old friends. More than nice to make their reaquaintance again after all this time. In fact, brilliant. I've said before that I believe some music can be medicinal, and this, to me, is another case in point. Try it too. Five bloody good spoonfuls. End of.
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