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What are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?
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Re: What are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?
Jan 29, 2017, 05:09
spencer wrote:
No they weren't. They were being operated by a shaman who was also a simple man, who could empathise but only gave in to need, his or others. He didn't want to hit, just did so when he felt he had to. Otherwise, he just stfu. A democrat, a cooperator. Sound for the common good alone. Ego left at the door, goodness a constant. Unless he drummed at a member of the live audience he sensed truly deserved it until they became ill. Not just a story. Not just a 'normal' man nor drummer. Something else. A channeller of beats from other, older cultures than post war Germany. Out of time but perfectly on and in it. We've just lost someone truly special, but that loss is only in the physical sense. He's still out there. G*d I'm sounding like an effing pseud. Maybe I am. Sorry, Carol, I loved and still love the guy. He was and is musical essence. Let your bloke play him a while longer. Please grin and quietly bear it, or have 'phones full of Pixies. He's probably grieving in his own way like me x

I quite like some Can secretly:)
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