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UK Reggae Greats
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Edited Dec 17, 2009, 14:45
Re: UK Reggae Greats
Dec 17, 2009, 14:43
dodge one wrote:

Have the last word.
You know that you simply must.

you see, this is your communication style isn't it ? Classic passive-agressive or all out mindfucked psycho, which is truly the balls-less method of trying to win a debate- or in your case, simply belittle other people, which is primarily what you do. You can't even backpeddle properly on the few occasions you actually attempt to.

You posted that above to make sure I wouldn't reply, an adolescents method of trying to get the other person to stop calling you out for being the prick you are. See ? You do realise how childish you're being right ? You see how I'm doing exactly the same thing back to you yeah ?

So... after saying you'ld rather buy some valves than investigate UK reggae you're now avidly interested. Fair enough. Drive thru etc. Personal attacks over the net bother me less than any personal attack from some stranger IRL, this is prolly cos I have a nice set of balls as it goes. Or maybe because my social skills have progressed since I was a snotty spod in a playground.

Last word ? cool. YAWN. There, am I as good as you now ? oh wait... I don't care what you think. See what I did there, the same thing you do isn't it ?

Edit : oh and the mother-in-law line. classy. Misogynistic too huh ?
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