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UK Reggae Greats
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keith a
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Re: UK Reggae Greats
Dec 17, 2009, 02:36
dodge one wrote:
Well i saw Eric live in 98 with the EyE band....he was still doing alright then.
I have no idea what you saw in 2004. What the hell is a cod-piece?
Isn't that something you wear over your crank?
I'm sure Eric in his mid 60's was not a patch on himself of the 60's.
But go ahead and burn your Animals records.

Did you think that all 4 of the links i posted suck too?

Sorry if i dared to think diffrently or have totally shit musical tastes.
I didn't know till recently.
Another ERIC that sucks......phooey.

Who said anything about cod-pieces?

I hadn't played the links TBH, as the performance on Later* (BBC 2, UK) was so awful I had no interest.

* I can't find that performance on youtube, but this is pretty poor, too. IMO obviously!


But seeing as you asked, I've just played them and think three of the 4 link posts 'suck'.

The backing on Many Rivers was quite sympathetic, but the voice is horrible. It sounds more like your pissed neigbour coming home from the pub than the man on who sang on those old Animal records.

The next two were pap IMO, sorry. And I might be being over-sensitive here, but I find a white man singing a song called 'Dey Won't' kind of offensive.

Love Is For All Time was better. It sounded slightly more authentic, but even then I found his voice a bit hit and miss.

I'm not sure why you're being so offended by this. Putting Eric Burdon forward as a reggae artist is surely like mentioning the Bay City Rollers in a heavy rock thread! ; )

And I'm not disputing The Animals place in history, though I've got little by them myself this is more an oversight on my behalf as I love 60's pop. Incidentally, EB's not the only aging singer to put in a disappointing performance on Later. Ray Davies wasn't great a couple of years back, and I like The Kinks a lot. More recently Jimmy Ruffin's voice sounded quite shot when he sang the classic What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted.

Gladys Knight, on the other hand, sounded fabulous when she was on a couple of months back.
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