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UK Reggae Greats
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Edited Dec 17, 2009, 12:23
Re: UK Reggae Greats
Dec 17, 2009, 12:20
Squid Tempest wrote:
IanB wrote:
Squid Tempest wrote:
IanB wrote:
SOAS was fantastic. The North London Poly gigs on Holloway Road on a Friday night were pretty great too.

I wonder if we attended any SOAS gigs in common?!

IIRC I saw A Certain Ratio at NLP, and the Virgin Prunes. Probably saw a few other things there to but don't remember. Don't recall any reggae there.

We had a lot of good stuff on where I was at college too - the LSE. Hence the domino game with Black Slate. Aswad used to regularly do Legalise Cannabis Campaign gigs there, as did Misty. RAR stuff too.

Aswad, Misty and Black Slate etc all played NLP IIRC. I saw Certain Ratio with 23 Skidoo and Bush Tetras there & Virgin Prunes supporting Pere Ubu so we were deffo at those two together. Richard Thomas who I think later managed The Fall used to book it. Didn't go to the LSE very much. Kings had some good shows in that same neck of the woods. Most the the live reggae I saw was probably at SOAS, Brixton Academy (Johnny Osbourne was especially memorable) and later the Africa Centre.

We used to go to the Africa Centre regularly too - saw some great stuff there. Blimey - we lived parallel lives!

Saw a few gigs at Kings, but always found it a bit soulless there TBH.

I think I liked Kings cos it was one of the few places where it was relatively easy to get a drink without a 20 minute wait for service from someone of indeterminate gender wearing a Sex Gang Children t shirt. In every other respect it was a brutalist concrete box. I remember seeing Stimulin and Pigbag there and laughing all the way home at the stupidity of it. It was The Pop Group with everything that that was good about them taken out. Though ACR was pretty much the same deal a lot of the time. I liked Skidoo much better. I had the feeling ACR really wanted to be Light of the World deep down but didn't have the chops.
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