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Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
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Edited Sep 18, 2009, 22:28
Re: Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
Sep 18, 2009, 22:27
Brik wrote:
I was gutted that this edition got messed up. Specially as I spent a whopping £16 which I don't really have only to come home and find FG4's making the rounds. Bah!

£16! Wow. Got mine online at hmv.co.uk for £8.99 inc. p + p.

My Nation Underground:

I will admit that I am more than a tad unfair towards My nation Underground. I recall how excited I was when it came out and how much I listened to it and enjoyed it. The shine came off it though after that when Skellington and Droolian followed it and I then started to love 'under production' more than the glossy 'over production'.

MNU, for me, has never stood up to the test of time. There are some great songs on there, but when I hear them it takes me right back to 1989 and everything my naive little world was and stood for at that time.

I wouldn't be against a MNU Deluxe edition, as long as it included unreleased tracks from that era, but first I would like to see a Saint Julian Deluxe edition, one that includes a DVD of the full Westminster Halls gig from Jan 87 that was recorded by the BBC as well as all b-sides, demos and unreleased tracks and glows in the dark and makes tea and does the washing up and drives me home when I'm drunk and answers the phone and pays my bills and smiles and says nice things to me and...
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