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Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
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Re: Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
Sep 16, 2009, 22:12
Ziggypop wrote:
What is the full track listing. I've got the Promo without booklet just a custom sleeve. I want to know if it's got extra tracks not on the promo...to make it worth a purchase...

CD1 is the same as the original CD issue - 18 tracks, no Uptight, no Safesurfer fake fade and (quickly playing a few tracks side by side in itunes) exactly the same sound as the previous CD. No remastering (despite what it says in the new liner notes) or even any increase in volume - but this is probably a good thing as there was nothing wrong with the original CD anyway.

CD2 tracks (mentioned previously but):
1. Easty Risin'
2. Ravebury Stones
3. Love L.U.V.
4. Dragonfly
5. Heed: Of Penetration and the City-Dweller
6. Bring Cherhill Down (Vocal)
7. Safesurfer (7" version)
8. If You Loved Me at All (7" version)
9. Butterfly E
10. Straw Dogs
11. Anyway at All

I didn't have most of CD2 (apart from the Love L.U.V. 12") so it was fun to hear. The early 90s remixes have a certain dated charm about them and are not as awful as mentioned elsewhere, if you ask me. The Safesurfer 7" is great, Dragonfly is a classic...but the crime here is including Ravebury Stones, not because it's bad (cos it ain't) but simply because it's the last track from Rite but with a (much) earlier fade. That's 11 and a half minutes that could have been given over to the missing b-sides. Or Uptight. Anyway...

Oh and it is annoying about the booklet. And did they ever fix the sound on the 'deluxe' Jehovahkill? I could go on...

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