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Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
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keith a
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Re: Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
Sep 17, 2009, 13:22
Vybik Jon wrote:
MNU has it's supporters here and they've never been reticent to say so.

The converse is true - there are people who post here who will claim that MNU is fantatic because Julian doesn't rate it.

MNU is also woeful in comparison to stuff that came later.

I've loved it since it came out. You know, when Julian was bigging it up! Just cos he changed his mind (or he was lying at the time!) doesn't mean I have to change mine.

Regardless of whether it's better or worse than what came out later, 'woeful' seems a rather ill-judged word IMO.

I certainly prefer it to any Brain Donor albums, though as that is operating outside of my sphere (apart from the more Stooge-ish moments) I guess that's only to be expected.

Less obviously I also think it's better than Autogeddon, Dark Orgasm and Black Sheep KMSA LP, though I'm not suggesting that they are without merit!
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