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Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
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Edited May 09, 2013, 10:20
Re: Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
May 09, 2013, 10:19
Captain Starlet wrote:
Hmm, been toying with the idea of actually owning a CD version of PS but I see Uptight has once again been left out. Puts me off buying it really, it's a great song, can't really see why it's never been put on the CD, apart from the butchered original CD.

Yeah, I've been put off buying the double Peggy Suicide re-ish myself for similar reasons as there are a number of tracks missing (namely Uptight, Port Of Saints, Bagged Out Ken etc). It's a shame because I was listening to Cope on my mp3 on random the other day and the Peggy Suicide tracks (from the single disc source) sounded muddy and quiet compared to other Cope CDs - lousy 90s mastering. I do have the album and its singles on vinyl but don't have the requisite means to get them into mp3 format either.
It's a real pain how much Universal fucked up the reissuing of Peggy & Jehovahkill and they seem to have slightly messed up the recent Saint Julian 2CD too - given the noticable tempo-change mastering issue at the beginning of the title track (unless it always sounded like this).

That said, I do really like the version of Uptight on Floored Genius 3 - if only because with the faster arrangement, organ sound and fake audience noise it's clearly a cheeky nod to The Seeds Live At Merlin's Music Box.
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