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Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition 2CD
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Edited Sep 12, 2009, 11:30
Re: why...
Sep 12, 2009, 11:15
Ziggypop wrote:
Unisex Cathedral is not on the 2nd disk.

There's 11 Tracks-
Easty Risin'
Ravebury Stone
Love Luv (Remix)
Heed : Of Penetrationand the City
Bring Cherhill Down (Vocal)
If You Loved Me at All
Butterfly E
Straw Dogs
Anyway at All.

I still haven't listened to it yet. Still working my way through the Sabbath Reissues...

I've just looked at the listing and realised there seems to be 15 Tracks on the reissue 2nd disk but my version (Promo) only has 11. ???

I've just got my copy through and can confirm it has the above 11 tracks on the 2nd CD.
I would've been impressed if they could squeeze another 2 or 4 tracks on there as the disc is 79 minutes long as is.

"Uptight" *isn't* restored to the album which is pretty disappointing - I would say that would be an essential track for the Deluxe Peggy even if it's on the 2nd disc.
I'm pretty disappointed that so much of the 2nd CD is remixes.
"Uptight", "Port Of Saints" "Almost Alive" and "Bagged Out Ken" really should be on there.

Edit - I can't hear any of the naughty static noise from Jehovahkill, but this CD is louder than the original release.
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