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Worst albums by best bands
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Technical Ecstasy!
Dec 01, 2003, 20:21
I went and listened to a whole bunch of lesser Sabbath LP's to check up on this issue.

I still say SabBloodSab is pretty mediocre -- "Fluff" is so bad it takes at least one whole star off the albums' rating. Like fingernails on chalkboard!

On the other hand "Technical Ecstasy" has to be their most underrated album. It rocks, in fact upon recent listen I have decided it's probably the blueprint for Ozzy's solo work (as in one tune sounds a lot like "No More Tears", another like "Miracle Man", and that ballad he always sings too . . . ) Only it's better than any of Ozzy's solo albums (of course.)

Haven't got to "Never Say Die" yet. It could still win the crapolympics, in fact I recall there was a bunch of "Fluff" like wastes of space on there.

But I did listen to the Gillan-Sab album "Born Again" (1983)! Peee-ewwwww man, that's such a flop it should be a legend!

So I'm thinking of writing up Unsung reviews for Technical Ecstasy and Born Again . . .
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