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Worst albums by best bands
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Dog 3000
Dog 3000
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Re: Worst albums by best bands
Nov 24, 2003, 23:32
Graffitti Bridge was the last album by Prince I ever bought -- it had a couple good songs, maybe enough to fill one side of vinyl but certainly not four. Always loved that The Time song though, "Shake" or something like that?

As for REM! [/rant on] I gave up on them when Green came out. I was recently listening to their olde 80's stuff, they were The Shit back in the day (partly because popular music was so crap then) and partly because they had a layered and mysterious sound. But Green has that horrid "Big Hair Sound" production c. 1988 and only about 4 decent tunes on the record (two of them being "Pop Song 89" and "Stand" which point the way towards fuckin "Shiny Happy People"), and it continued downhill after that (i.e., "Shiny Happy People"!) Then Stipe got all serious and shaved his head to look like a monk. Nowadays Michael Stipe makes my skin crawl. I am allergic to anyone with Messianic Muso pretentions. And Peter Buck was always overrated anyway -- he's nothing but a very proficient studio hack. (Their rhythm section is actually pretty good though -- smokes U2 that's for sure.) [/rant off]

Whew I feel better now!
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