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Worst albums by best bands
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Glam Descendant
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Nov 26, 2003, 17:28
Well I don't wanna be spoiling any legends. It kinda gets into a grey area as to what you mean by outtakes. If a song is first attempted at one sesssion, left behind, and then resuscitated at a later session, is that an outtake? I don't really know.

"Loving Cup" had certainly been around since '69 -- they even played it at Hyde Park. I have earlier versions of "Shine a Light" (titled "Get a Line On You") and "All Down the Line". But that doesn't mean the versions on EXILE weren't breathed into life at Nellcote. Make sense?

The Stones are not always the best judge of their material (though not as bad as Dylan). "Waiting on a Friend", which I consider a gem, was recorded as far back as GOAT'S HEAD SOUP, so it took them 8 years to figure out it was worth releasing. "Start Me Up" was all but forgotten before found on a tape of EMOTIONAL RESCUE outtakes!
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