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Worst albums by best bands
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Re: Worst albums by worst bands
Nov 25, 2003, 14:39
I'd like to register my complete and total hatred of Bat Out of Hell. Words alone cannot describe the utter contempt I feel for that record.

Someone once gave it to me when I was about 14... I listened to one track, skipped thru' the rest of side one, put it back in it's sleeve n' marched it back round to their house.

When I got a little older n' started going to pubs, it was always the token 'Rock' track played by any DJ/Juke Box... even rock pubs played it!!! Then people discovered MDMA, cheered up a bit n' I thought that was the end of awful, pompous, over-dramatic rock.... until Saturday! Went for a drink with the Mrs to a local around the corner n' sat quite happily for a while... until horror of horrors, on came that awful keyboard intro. N' I thought I'd never have to leave a pub again 'cos of 'that' song! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!!! And just when you think it's gonna finish, on it drones for another half an hour... sucking the very oxygen from your lungs.

There... I've got that off my chest now. Thanks...
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