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Worst albums by best bands
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Re: Worst albums by best bands
Nov 24, 2003, 18:59
"Led Zeppelin "Presence" -- first song is OK (but not great), and the rest is dull"

I have to agree that presencehas more than a fair share of lacklustre (For Your Life) and complete worthless pap (Candy Store Rock), but, BUT BUT
!! Nah nah nah nah nahh naaaa-ahh!...

...having Achilles Last Stand AND Nobody's Fault But Mine within that weirdest of covers, it is STILL better than 99.9% of all other rock records anywhere ever ;-P

Dunno why but I just remembered how good Trampled Underfoot is, what's that crazy bass sound? And that organ break!! (quickly followed by another shameless year raving about thuh Zep)
Anyone else notice the shameless funk in Trampled Underfoot?

Onwards and threadwards:

Personal votes go to

1. Thomas Dolby "Aliens Ate My Buick'
I'm sorry but I loved The Golden Age of Wireless and big chunks of The Flat Earth, but then he went Stateside and somehow committed creative suicide forever.

2. Killing Joke "Outside The Gate"

My favourite 80's GNASHDESTROYGNYURGGHY! band went to kaka. Yes Night Time was foppish but we forgave them for Love Like Blood, yes Brighter Than A Thousand Suns was pompous, but we crossed the Rubicon nonetheless. But Outside The Gate only proved that Jaz Coleman's ring was a shit place to record an LP, and the acoustics sucked as much as the more-self-aggrandising-than-usual lyrics.
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