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It's Too Fucking Good For Him...
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Edited Dec 15, 2008, 16:30
Re: It's Too Fucking Good For Him...
Dec 15, 2008, 16:30
shanshee_allures wrote:
Merrick wrote:

cHARLIE wrote:

You don't have children do you.

That is, as Vybik points out, completely irrelevant.

I love my nephews dearly and I used to think I understood and empathised with children but it wasn't until my daughter came along that I really did. Many of the same elements were there but having one of your own takes it to another place.

It would irritate me when people would say such things to me as I thought it a bit smug of them, but it's actually just the truth.

Kids can send your head and heart all over the place for all sorts of reasons. Nothing can prepare you for it. It's the most intense you'll ever feel about anything. I just wish more people would decline form having the blighters if they really don't feel up to it. Another matter.

So as much as my idea of how this makes me feel and how I think I'd respond conflicts with Charlie's I can't say he's right or wrong.
The only academic argument here is is it ever 'right' to mutilate someone's genitals?

Eh, no. And to me this looks more along the lines of Mooncat's post.
If it was the actoins of a vengeful parent I'd be really surprised, just by the actual nature of the attack.


As ever I agree with the lovely shanshee.
It does seem like a smug thing to say, but when my little girl came along I understood. Other peoples children are great, and you can love them dearly - I have many nephews and nieces that I think the world of. But your own kid is a completely different ball game.

You have to have them to know, however smug that sounds!!
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