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It's Too Fucking Good For Him...
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Re: It's Too Fucking Good For Him...
Dec 17, 2008, 10:18
shanshee_allures wrote:
If you instinctively don't want kids, you really should do your best to go with that instinct.

Fuckin A!

There's such a strong push for people to have children, those of us who choose not to (especially women because they're like, y'know, naturally more nurturing and stuff) are frequently patronised. 'Well yes, you think that now, but you'll see when your biological clock starts ticking', said in the same tone used to patronise adolescent fads.

When I was thinking about having a vasectomy I asked a number of friends for their thoughts and advice. One was pretty freaked out, saying 'what if you changed your mind later on?'.

Hell, what about the flipside, people who have kids and then change their mind? You can't stuff them back up yourself and make them go away.

In the end I got the snip, and my friend completely came around to supporting it. She said it was just that she'd never met anyone who realised they'd be bad at being a parent *before* becoming one.
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