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Music You Just Can't GET
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Re: Music You Just Can't GET
Jun 15, 2012, 16:36
Moon Cat wrote:
IanB wrote:
Popel Vooje wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:
Toni Torino wrote:
You really mean music you hate don't you?

Musice I can't get is avant-garde stuff and arrythmic stuff. My brain can't seem to process it. I don't hate them though, they don't bring out that strong an emotion in me.

Likewise I can't 'hate' Coldplay for example. It's like hating cardboard or something - it's just there and I'm not worked up about it one way or the other. Fair play to people that like 'em. They've just done a couple of nights at the City stadium up the road. Granted, a lot of the people streaming past my pod looked a bit like they buy two albums a year but so what really? I expect most of 'em had a good time. Good luck to 'em!

I remember once making a similar observation on here about how lambasting Coldplay seemed akin to lambasting fruit salad. They just don't stir any reaction in me at all (which some might argue is actually WORSE than being actively irritated by a band's music, mind...). I'll admit my hackles started to rise a little when I read about the singer and his film star missus being pals of the Camerons, though.

Wasn't that a Grauniad April Fool's gag?

They were friends until Dave left Gwyneth in a pub.

Samantha surely!
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