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Albums that deserve a second chance
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Moon Cat
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Re: Albums that deserve a second chance
Jan 25, 2013, 00:07
keith a wrote:
Moon Cat wrote:
spencer wrote:
I think your Peel recollection is pretty much verbatim, Keith. He didn't rave in favour, but did play them when there were plenty of alternatives..and his comments about them at Glasto did come across as a bit of track covering.

If that was the Yes at Glasto 2004 gig BTW, it was an utterly splendid and joyous thing and the atmos was fantastic.

Actually, if it was that gig, Peel died but months later. Maybe he shouldn't've watched Yes?

Just googled it and Yes played Glastonbury 2003. I thought we were talking about a festival appearance not long after Peel played something off Tormato. Seems a bit harsh to criticise him in this case seeing it was 25 years later. That's an awful long time to expect his opinion not to change.

It's a bit like Cope no longer being into Scott, except that Peel going off Yes displayed better taste than Cope going off Scott. IMO and all that palaver! ; )

Yes, it was 2003 Yes, my goof, a year out. Twas awesome though (no winky emoticon cos it just was). Cant believe it was that long ago. I, by the way, am not, and have not criticised J Peel for changing his tune, although the Ponk revisionists, who lest we forget are now as old (if not older), in relative terms, as the dinosaurs they wished to supplant, have had a remarkably easy ride of critical consensus over the decades.
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