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Zappa 2012 reissues
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Re: Zappa 2012 reissues
Jul 30, 2012, 07:38
Deepinder Cheema wrote:
I think the Zappa family view is that the titles are maintained so anyone new to FZ can get hold of the titles easily. So some people need the supply tap on again albeit up graded as the opportunity arises. It is better for the Zappa's since the Ryko deal is finished and they have resumed ownership of the main catalogue. I can remember a time when any 1960's Mothers records had been deleted for about 15 years. Here is what GZ says on GZ Sez:

1-The Hot Rats CD has always been a 1987 re-mix, not the original 1969 mix. Is this new CD the `69 mix, or the `87 re-mix? I pefer either.

2-Is the packaging faithful to the LP’s?

3-Should I sell or junk my `95 Ryko CD’s, or keep `em as collector’s items?


Jess R. Hernandez

Thanks! 1. Technically none of the above – this is the 2008 Bernie Grundman Re-master – which mostly resembles the original 1969 mix. You will love it. 2. Absolutely. And even more faithful to the requirements established by the original Barking Pumpkin releases. 3. I would keep them for the moment – but you decide. None of the new releases are “sourced” from the Ryko releases and although many represent the digital masters mostly as you have come to understand them, many do not! Each package will identify the actual source so you will be able to plan your collection accordingly. We think everything sounds better but I am sure you will let us know.

Thanks for your email.

“Music is the Best!”~fz

That's a prime example of what I mean by she doesn't give a lot away. She doesn't say what mix it is... a 2008 remaster doesn't really help answer the question. A remaster is not a remix. There should be a detailed breakdown somewhere of what has been used for what release. You shouldn't just be told that you need to find out from the packaging.

I don't think there's a huge lack of Zappa availability out there it seems more finincially motivated to me than anything else.
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