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Zappa 2012 reissues
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Deepinder Cheema
Deepinder Cheema
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Edited Sep 02, 2012, 04:08
Re: Zappa 2012 reissues - 2nd batch delay?
Sep 02, 2012, 04:06
Stevo wrote:
For some reason the 2nd batch, the 70s stuff has apparently been delayed for a month, at least in the UK.
Thought it was odd, trying to search for the new stuff on Amazon.co.uk & Play.com and not being able to find it. Kept getting things like the 2006 Over-nite Sensation coming up when I was expecting the forthcoming 2012 reissue. This being over the last week when the release date was supposed to be Tuesday 28th. when they could be found the word Import was in the description It actually got as far as the 28th coming round and the discs still only being listed as Import, the marketplace sellers did have things listed as in stock with prices listed.
Checking back yesterday and today the release date has been shifted back to 24th September & the links to marketplace are gone. I looked things up on Wow and they have titles listed as will be dispatched in 7-10 days.

What gives?

Not sure. However there might be clues at the Barfko Swill page which is where you can buy the new versions direct from the Zappa family website.


You can buy the whole catalogue lock stock and in batches geared to assumed proclivities of types of FZ fans according to diff period of his career - It looks like there is a discount and additional material will be available to what will be subscribers, this seems to me to be a good idea for those who can afford to layout and receive the issues as they come onstream. Form a club with your mates and divvy out the catalogue so at least you can get a discount. I thinks its good business as the cashflow will keep the shoestring cottage industry alive.
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