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26 more claimed by the 'STATE'
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Feeling cowed?
Jun 05, 2017, 20:25
... then imagine how you would feel like if you were a civilian living in Mosul or Raqqa:


If you're still feeling cowed, here are some practical steps you could take:

1. Move to the country. Although the murderous hordes will be turning their attention to the Shires soon, you are probably safe for a little longer yet.

2. Stock up on a couple of years' worth of food. Those people in the corner shop can't be trusted though.

3. Stop watching the news. It's upsetting to see the state of our government when you''re already feeling cowed.

4. Read news only from trusted sources, like the Sun and the Daily Mail. Other untrustworthy purveyors of "fake news" might try to feed you views that you will find upsetting to read, and try to force you to believe that muslims and immigrants aren't the main cause of everything that's wrong with your country.

5. In the event of an imminent attack, put a bag over your head. You won't be able to see the attacker then, which means he probably can't see you either.

6. Most importantly, switch off the internet. The internet is a dangerous place, full of people who will try to radicalise you with ideas about the ineffectiveness of nuclear weapons in the event of a terrorist attack, or suggest that there are links between foreign policy and terrorism. These sorts of dangerous ideas can spread quickly, and you must protect yourself and your family and friends from their poison. This one is the most important step:

Disconnect from the internet now, in order to stay safe.

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