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26 more claimed by the 'STATE'
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Re: Feeling cowed?
Jun 06, 2017, 14:34
As always....cheap point scoring and utter manipulation of others words and natural/emotional reactions to a crisis/national tragedy...{if the elderly folks and just about everyone else was scared shitless in the immediate aftermath of that attack....who are YOU to question that?}
I didn't get any of that from Sanctuary's posts...
I did get that he cares a hell of a lot for his own countrymen and kith and kin than for a rotten bunch of abscessed humanity.
Thank god for guys like Sanctuary{Roy}...he was the guy our Grandfathers that fought alongside the Brits in WW2 were talking about...sure as hell not the likes of you.
Seriously....its 'this' mandate that will ensure your election results....only not like you planned.
The reality is always somewhere in the middle...you are way too far out on the fringe to see it anymore.
Nice hatchet job link you posted about all the 'civilian' deaths you posted too....When the utter gobshites in those 'communities' stop launching attacks from there own communities...much less fleeing back to them...then maybe...'they' won't be responsible for all the death and destruction that will inevitably follow them to their own doorsteps.
Your article doesn't mention that....
Satellite imaging in the middle eastern deserts is crystal clear...we know exactly who 'we' are targeting and routing.
We can see them whiling away the hours jerking off to gigabytes of hardcore pornography on there laptops. When they are not raping captured young girls instead.
Anyway...i've had quite enough of this particular lame conversation....For now, i'll just leave you with Sanctuary to cornhole the shit out of.

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