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What's going on in Syria?
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phallus dei
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Re: What's going on in Syria?
Apr 08, 2017, 17:42
Popel Vooje wrote:
phallus dei wrote:

That option two has now apparently caved in to the establishment after two and a half months of valiant fighting is extremely disheartening. It looks like Trump will be the same as Obama, who was the same as Bush, who was the same as Clinton, who was the same as Bush. No doubt, the corporate media will love Trump now.

And you sound surprised?

I'm not surprised that the media is now fawning over Trump for acting "presidential," no. And I'm not particularly surprised that Trump caved in. Since assuming office he's been under relentless assault by the elites and the media, and those within his staff who opposed the establishment - Fynn, Bannon, Nunes - have been slowly picked off, leaving Trump ever more isolated. The best that could be hoped for in such a situation would be that Trump continued fighting his losing battle for a little bit longer, and in the process, keep the elites focused on solving their "domestic problem" instead of playing their imperial games abroad. Instead, the neo-cons presented Trump with what was almost certainly a false-flag, and said something to the effect of, "here's your chance to save your presidency, provided you get on board with the program." Maybe Trump will even win a Noble Peace prize now.
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