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What's going on in Syria?
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: You spend so much time hating Russia that I thought I'd send you a gift....
Jun 30, 2017, 14:29
Clarity of Signal wrote:
It's the just filmed 2017 Scarlett Sails ceremony in St. Petersburg. This years was attended by none other than US Russia hater Stephen Colbert. Turns out he's had his eyes opened a bit......also proves quite clearly those sanctions you guys imposed are absolutely not hurting Russia in the least. These are some nice HD versions of the massive event with great music filmed just 2 days ago. Open your eyes and put away your hate. It's hurting you more than you realize as you yourself are dancing with the dark images in Plato's Cave. You are only fooling yourself at this point. Life is too short to be filled with such vitriol. Think clearly. You are only hurting yourself as you attempt to hide the truth from others. It hurts you.





Come on now you must know that our bizarre poster on here (the lover of child murderers in Syria) will only accuse you of showing videos of people indoctrinating children with a love of music and incredible spectacle. He would want the head choppers of The White Helmets to get that little girl on the piano and make a "proper" video.
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