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What's going on in Syria?
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phallus dei
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Re: What's going on in Syria?
Apr 07, 2017, 03:10
dhajjieboy wrote:
phallus dei wrote:
Assad, a leader who has shown considerable political skill surviving the attempts of the West and most of the ME to remove him for the past 6 years, suddenly decides to gas civilians a day after the Trump administration announces that America's policy is no longer "Assad must go." Hmm...

Did Assad fool both the UN and John Kerry into previously thinking that the Syrian government had handed over all its chemical weapons?

And if Assad still had CW, why use them at all, when they are less effective than bombs?

Particularly, why use them now, when his government was already winning the war, and peace talks were scheduled with members of the "moderate" opposition?

And now that Putin has said that he will still back Assad, what will happen to that Putin-Trump bromance we've been hearing so much about?

So many questions...
Here is former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford trying to make sense of the perplexing situation.

Every sentence you just typed is completely leading and couched in completely corralling rhetoric.....
You already know exactly what you want as reply's.
Poor showing old boy.

Are the questions I pose not the logical ones to be asking in such a circumstance? Is the opinion of the former UK ambassador to Syria not worth considering when it comes to Syria? Is Sky news also on your ever-growing list of Russian controlled media? You are right though, unless I hear a persuasive argument otherwise, my opinion about this issue is already formed: it's not what it seems.
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