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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Edited Mar 21, 2017, 18:39
Re: Irony
Mar 21, 2017, 18:32
sanshee wrote:
As a woman, do I get to insult another woman?
Where's my dispensation?

ad hominem attacks are where people go when they cannot debate or offer a valid opinion. They make personal attacks on people. You called Nicola Sturgeon a "boot". So there you go.

sanshee wrote:

I post with facts and express my view and you come out with 'more pandas than tories jokes'.

You stated that Nicola Sturgeon is a "boot". That is your opinion and an ad hominem attack rather than a fact or any contribution to a debate.

The FACT is that Scotland had more Pandas living within its borders than Tory MPs, Labour MPs or Liberal MPs after the 2015 General Election. Although that is rather funny (and adds to the "Irony" of this thread's title) it is not a joke, but simply a fact. (= FACT). Those parties had only one MP each. One. Scotland has two pandas. Double the number of each of the parties MPs. Fact.

As for PISA testing. It is simply not the same as Nat4, Nat5, Higher and Higher Plus exam results which actually get students into university and college. PISA is not an examination board - sorry sanshee... it is an entirely different thing. It is a strange statistical measuring device which has been dreamed up by a team of "International Education Snake Oil Salesmen" and has no bearing on exam results. My son spent three hours getting taken out of his Higher Physics and Higher Maths Class on Monday to do pointless PISA testing (which are NOT measuring any Physics, English, French, Music, Biology, Maths knowledge/ understanding or anything). It is more akin to Phrenology.

The quality of paper on which exam certificates are printed has changed, does that mean they are worth less or more? Or does it mean you are measuring something different than an exam? You read a report which says that Scottish Labour says that the change in quality of paper means the results mean we are more stupid. Do you believe them?
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