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Edited Mar 21, 2017, 10:59
Re: Irony
Mar 21, 2017, 09:21
The people of Scotland, when polled, and we must be the most polled nation on the planet, continually reject your claim.
Just because you say it all the time, don't make it true.
Look at the petition, especially the NE.
They only ever vote SNP there to keep Labour out, quite clearly.
People up here vote SNP not for the 'dream of independence' but the free prescriptions, the oldies for the free Scotland wide bus travel, maybe even the free tuition.
However, the SNP have scored a spectacular own goal there, if they hope their rictus anger will encourage Scots to join in, they are up a gum tree. Why forfeit all that by risking independence?
Now I never vote for them, but in bribing people they have got themselves in a bind.
You rely on the SNP to deliver something for you, you got no chance.
EDIT: Mean to add this earlier.
Today and tomorrow's screeching match at Holyrood will be designed to whip up 'Scottish anger'.
Now SNP know the majority do not want another referendum.
However according to a logic that can only exist in their unfathomable brains, when they are denied one, which they will be, that is supposed to make enough of us angry enough to demand one.
Good luck with that.
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