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Meryl Streep
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: Meryl Streep
Feb 07, 2017, 21:50
Locodogz wrote:
How odd? My post just said
"Whereas Trump oozes empathy from every pore........?!?"
and you've replied with comments on Streep, Hilary and Obama? Oh and a little line that Trumo has done nothing?!?!
Just in case you've misconstrued my simple post
"Whereas Trump oozes empathy from every pore........?!?"
I was merely questioning whether Donald really has empathy with the average american (I made no judgement on Streep, Hilary and Obama). Do the traits you associate with these people have any bearing on Trump's empathy (or lack thereof)? Can't see it.
Finally for someone who has "done nothing" I seem to have seen an awful lot of him signing off on policy documents in the last couple of days.......

The thread is about Meryl Streep. And a clip of some really crappy acting that Meryl Streep does. I questioned the fawning, trembly-lipped excuse for a Liberal Woman that Streep comes over as, where she can conveniently remain tight-lipped about her support for a child rapist and her tacit support for the Obama/ Clinton War Machine which has killed millions.
Trump hasn't started any wars yet. 8 to go before he equals Clinton and Obama's score.

38 seconds long but says it all. Clinton's empathy. Carnage still. Nation raped. Hillary job.


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