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Meryl Streep
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Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 11, 2017, 01:46
Foreign policy: it's mainly about China, Sin. Somewhere on the net you may find a graphic of US overseas bases. If there's one with a timeline you'll find I'm right... the newest are thataway. Obama's policy will be unchanged, but with more hardware. Trump's keen to have Putin as his 'buddy' because he wants to play one off against the other. That relationship won't last. On Trumps home soil I wonder how long it'll be before many blue collared who voted, eg the unemployed mining communities, realise that there'll still be no work for them, just highly mechanised land rape or whatever. And Obamacare will not be there either. One final vision for you to ponder: in one corner US with a impulsive demagogue in charge, North Korea with it's Great Leader in the other...and no longer so pliant to Beijing's will.

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