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Meryl Streep
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Meryl Streep
Jan 09, 2017, 18:42
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Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 10, 2017, 02:58
I can't begin to tell you how much i agree with Meryl Streep's stance here.
We live in such contentious times...
Just scroll through some of the recent posts in this sub-forum...
Butchering despot supporters just for starters.
All the unsubstantiated bull-shit about Hillary too...
Where is even one e-mail that implicates her in any of the shit leveled at her in this forum?
She seems to have single-handedly destabilized the entire world!
But substantiation in the guise of RT news {Russian news} links seems to be the order of the day....
Ah well...
All you and i can do is to try and make the world a better place around ourselves. I sleep very well knowing that i do.
Take heart in what you can do to positively effect those less fortunate than you.
That's all the Godz really expect of us...i think.
Happy new year.
phallus dei
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Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 10, 2017, 16:55
Meryl Streep is a typical representative of the pro-imperialist US "left" who somehow thinks that crude words are more despicable than illegal bombing campaigns, state-sponsored color revolutions, ever-higher rates of imprisonment,and the silencing of free speech under the mantra of "fake news." Wake up, people. The "butchering despots" are our "leaders."
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Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 10, 2017, 17:23
Blimey, a bit forced. Can't you just say she was right to point out Trump is a graceless knob?
Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 10, 2017, 17:30
Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Edited Jan 10, 2017, 19:31
Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 10, 2017, 17:45
Although I was watching the great doc The 13th recently, and the Clintons' part in adding the three strikes law amongst others to combat the notion that the Dems were soft on crime, all of which were arguably the most detrimental thing to happen to black Americans since Jim Crow, really is quite nefarious. That said, bringing up the Clintons every time Trump is mentioned reminds of when I'm having an argument with someone and they randomly drag someone else into the mix, as if it's got anything to do with their own actions. "Well, at least I'm not Myra Hindley", "I could be slinging heroin right now", "Yeah, well there are 140 ton whales out there, compared to them I'm hardly overweight at all." Doesn't really have anything to do with anything; just a bit of annoying sophistry.

ETA: Just saw you didn't directly mention Hilary, though you basically described her and Bill. I really don't understand how people fall for the illusion that Trump and Farage and co. are especially separated from these leaders you speak of. They're in constant cahoots with cats like Murdoch and groups like Alec, who are a lobbying group made up of right-wing businessmen and politicians designed to make bills to put through congress. The businessmen are the leaders, and most big-shot politicians also have business deals happening on the side. Constantly painting yourself as perennial outsiders, even when you've got the presidency, is mind-bogglingly addled thinking. Do you only stop being an outsider when Trump is made the Beneficent Carrier of The Universal Holy Sceptre and Loving Despot of all Six Dimensions? So you can't call someone a nigger? What of it? And how are the republicans, who are even more tied to the business of war than the democrats, now completely exonerated from their crimes because they have a new leader? Trump has vowed to increase military spending. Why, just so he can arrange fishing trips with his standing troops? It's all pretty confusing, dude.
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Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 10, 2017, 20:05
Yeah well Trump's no different from a scumbag like you doing the same thing, smartass scumbag. Go scratch your ass, shithead!
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Re: Meryl Streep
Jan 10, 2017, 20:07
Phallus and Howbin Duggar (hope I spelt that right!) are the only people here speaking the truth, whereas dhajjieboy only spouts bullshit he hears on mainstream news because he's an asshole!
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Edited Jan 10, 2017, 21:57
Typical sarcastic garbage from snide dhajjieboy!
Jan 10, 2017, 20:12
I think that you should know that i may at any moment today, post a response to you....only you....just you...
So don't leave your keyboard for even a moment...
You might miss out.....
I'm even considering stroking your ego with some nice creamy lotion...
It could happen at any moment!
Love Dhajjie

I might add he posted this same message at least two times. Not only a troll but a spam merchant...
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Re: Typical sarcastic garbage from snide dhajjieboy!
Jan 10, 2017, 22:35
Aha! I expose you as robots. You have found this forum and spend time arguing with each other when your owners are asleep.
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