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Re: Nae state, nae class and nae cash
Oct 28, 2002, 14:30
The English are so right-wing? The scots are predominant;ly socialist? Sorry, but bollocks. The Scots overwhelmingly voted tory pre-thatcher (the SNP at that point being known as the Tartan Tories). The devastation that woman wreaked on the scots have obviously completely screwed toryism up there for a while, but it will be back. If Scotland ever did get full independence, then, personally, I’ve little doubt the SNP would go back to their old ways, and be forthright defenders of Scottish capitalism.

And remind me, who was it rioted against the Poll Tax (causing Tommy S to utter his loathsome scab comments mentioned above), and who was it who simply went for a wee stroll around the park?

The SSP is seen as something of a role model of an organisation, not because of its platform (which is, as said, simply a bit of old school labour, rather than one which genuinely promotes socialism), but because it is a genuinely pluralistic, democratic far left organisation, within which other groupings (notably of course whatever it is Militant are calling themselves these days, and the SWP, and including various others) can operate as a ‘faction’. Which is obviously far better than everyone trying to rip each others heads off.
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